our methods

Pictogramme lien de confiance Défis Avocats

Bond of trust

Trust is the cornerstone of the relationship we offer to our clients, whether it be in :

  • the mutual communication of information,
  • the determination of the mission, which is defined together beforehand, or the implementation.

It implies transparency on the issues and risks, as well as on the fees which are the subject of a specific agreement.

Pictogramme Serieux et exigence Défis Avocats

reliability and high expectations

We are committed to thoroughly studying the cases entrusted to us in order to understand our clients’ requirements as well as possible and then to offer them the most appropriate solutions, both in terms of advice and litigation.

To this end, each member of the firm has access to documentation that is updated in real time and to high-performance, secure IT tools.

Respecting deadlines is one of our requirements, whether they are procedural or linked to our clients’ constraints. We therefore strive to anticipate as much as possible, while knowing how to adapt in case of emergency.

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Pictogramme Harmonie et recherche de sens Défis Avocats

Harmony and the search for meaning

Respect, listening and the development of each individual are at the heart of our concerns: both externally with our clients and partners
and within our firm with each of its members.

We look for the essential rather than the important in each situation.
We will always favour dialogue and the amicable resolution of conflicts.

Pictogramme l'autre et la planète Défis Avocats

The other and the planet

We strive to be available to the Other, whoever he or she may be, and to help people in difficulty.
Aware of the footprint of our firm’s activity on its ecosystem, we have chosen to reduce it as much as possible by adopting concrete measures on a daily basis and by surrounding ourselves with partners who share the same desire.

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Pictogramme Innovation Défis Avocats


DEFIS AVOCATS is committed to keeping up to date with the latest reforms and developments in case law in order to anticipate its clients’ expectations and gain in time and quality of service.

The tools implemented within DEFIS AVOCATS are adapted to this approach.